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Tagia at DLF 2017

Issues of activism and social justice are currently on the minds of many library and archives leaders. Many in the profession see advocacy for diversity, inclusion, and social justice as part and parcel of the library’s mission to provide access to information and knowledge. Others in the profession, however, believe that explicit attempts at advocacy violate professional values of service and neutrality. And while we as a profession generally agree that libraries are public goods for everyone, how those ideas play out in practice is not without controversy. There are wide differences in interpretation of how we advance these values and first principles, and many in the profession perceive that our professional ethics and the political landscape around us are increasingly at odds.

This Taiga Forum will be a group exploration of what these tensions mean for library leaders in higher education. Through facilitated discussion, participants will share their own stories navigating institutional and personal ideologies, examine case studies of situations where they are at odds, and help each other think through these difficult yet essential issues. We invite library leaders at any level to attend, participate, and learn from one another.

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