San José State University, Dean of the Library

SJSU is a major, comprehensive public university located in the center of San José, California ­ the heart of Silicon Valley. A member of the 23-campus California State University System, SJSU is the oldest state university in California. Its distinctive character has been forged by its long history, its location and its vision ­ a blend of the old and the new; the traditional and the innovative. SJSU offers rigorous course work and research opportunities to almost 33,000 undergraduate and graduate students, with more than 600 tenure/tenure track faculty, over 1,100+ part-time faculty, and 1,300 staff. The University community is proud of its cultural diversity across all constituencies.

The University Library is a gateway to student learning, information resources, scholarship, and diverse intellectual and cultural heritage. It is the oldest and continues to be a leader among the CSU campus libraries. It is a committed partner in a one-of-a-kind merged academic/public library. The Martin Luther King Jr. Library has combined academic and public services in the nation¹s largest joint public library. The Library is housed in a 500,000 square foot building (silver level LEED certified) with nine floors featuring a seven-story atrium and has 3,600 seats. The University Library has more than 1.3 million books in print and over 500 databases, 200,000 e-books, and over 150,000 e-journals. More than 85 library faculty and staff serve the students of the University.

The Dean of the University Library reports directly to the Provost and serves as the senior administrator of the University Library. As such, the successful candidate will be the principal champion for innovative vision, leadership, and strategic direction for the Library and its services to both faculty and students. The Dean will be responsible for strategic planning, assessment of collections and services, recruitment of Library faculty and staff, budgeting, facilities management, and Library relations. In addition, the Dean will be expected to be an active participant in raising funds and developing resources for the Library as well as building and strengthening relationships with the diverse community around San José in partnership with San José Public Library.

Prior to submitting your application materials, please review the position profile, which articulates the required qualifications, as well as application procedures, here<>. To ensure full consideration, applications are due by February 1, 2016.

All communications may be directed in confidence to the numbers below or to<>. Thank you for your consideration of this important search.

Dr. John Hutchinson Mr. Matthew Kilcoyne Senior Consultant Vice President
R. H. Perry & Associates R. H. Perry & Associates
(217) 737-0757 (202) 253-9846

Associate Dean of the Gleeson Library and Geschke Learning Resource Center Dr. Calhoun is the Associate Dean for Access Services and Assessment at the University of San Francisco’s Gleeson Library and Geschke Learning Resource Center. Shawn is a member of the Gleeson Library Leadership Team and regularly participates in a wide variety of library and campus-wide strategic initiatives. Shawn received his Masters of Library and Information Science (MLIS) from San Jose State University and his Ed.D. (Learning and Instruction) from USF’s School of Education. Shawn’s scholarly work has focused on multimedia and modular worked- out examples as instructional methodologies as well as the management of student’s cognitive processing associated with information literacy instruction.

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About “Gentle Disturbances”

The title of our new blog, “Gentle Disturbances”, is a tribute and a reference to the husband and wife artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s art consists of vast, temporary outdoor installations, such as the wrapping of the Reichstag in Berlin, the 24-mile Running Fence in Sonoma and Marin counties in California, and The Gates in New York City's Central Park. Christo has asserted that their art creates “gentle disturbances," designed to challenge traditional perceptions of the spaces and landscapes they inhabit. By encouraging viewers to see familiar landscapes in new ways, their art disrupts assumptions about permanence, ownership, and categorization.

While we claim none of the artistic or political impact of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, we hope that this blog and its many contributors will challenge us all to look at the landscape of academic libraries and higher education in new ways. We aspire to “gentle disturbances” of the kind that will lead to productive conversations and creative approaches to our common challenges.