Help wanted … Taiga as jobs clearinghouse?

Help wanted

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The Taiga Steering Committee was talking recently about how we might follow up on the great session we hosted at ALA on Search Firm ABCs, and someone raised the idea of us using this space as a clearinghouse for University Librarian/Library Director and AUL/AD job openings.

Of course, there are already a number of places that have librarian jobs listings.  For example, ARL specifically lists  University Librarian/Library Director  jobs on their website – but only ARL jobs. We don’t know of a place that pulls together job openings at the UL/Director and the AUL/AD level, and we think that such a resource might be useful to our community.

We also talked about how important it is to to be able to talk to others who might know about an institution and/or a particular job when applying for UL/Director or AUL/AD jobs; and we would like to find a way to leverage the networking potential of Taiga to expand everyone’s opportunities to do that.

So, we would like to use Taiga as a platform for those who are interested in learning about and talking about job opportunities in academic library leadership; but we need your advice. What would be helpful to you? A database of UL/Director and AUL/AD job openings? A forum of some sort for people to talk about UL/Director and AUL/AD job searches generally and/or specifically?  A way to match people who have questions about a job with people who are “in the know”? Would any or all of this work best anonymously?

Please share your ideas, advice, thoughts, comments, cautions, support, etc. with us in the comments and/or by email to any of the Steering Committee. We want to make this community as useful and supportive as possible to all of you.  Thanks.

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4 comments on “Help wanted … Taiga as jobs clearinghouse?
  1. Anon Y. Mous says:

    I think all of these are great ideas, but I particularly like a database. Not only would it be a great place for people who are looking for positions, it could be useful for looking at examples when creating job descriptions for an opening at your University. Also, as long as the old positions where not deleted, it could be used for research projects.

  2. Jacob Berg says:

    I second the database idea. I worry that a forum or discussion board, anonymous or otherwise, would turn into something like #thatdarnlist or the Poli Sci Job Rumors Board and would be unproductive.

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