About Taiga

Taiga began with a conversation. The inaugural 2006 Taiga Forum “Shifting Boundaries” challenged library leaders to move beyond the borders of the traditional library organization. Fifteen Provocative Statements inspired discussions of the participants of this first Taiga Forum. Taiga developed two more sets of Provocative statements in 2009 and 2011. The statements stimulated meaningful dialogue in scores of organizations and beyond, and energized the strategic planning process for many libraries.

Since that time, Taiga has met annually at the Taiga Forum (currently co-located with the DLF Forum ) and held conversations at regular ALA meetings.

Taiga participants know that library leaders are:

  • constantly seeking new & better solutions;
  • evolving to meet changing user expectations;
  • preparing leaders for the future.

Taiga is a catalyst. It’s one of the rare forums where senior leaders can collectively wrestle with the challenges and opportunities confronting academic & research libraries and higher education writ large . Taiga is a place for lively discourse, the sharing of information, learning from others, and catalytic networking!

Current Steering Committee

  • Dale Askey – McMaster University
  • Shawn Calhoun – University of San Francisco
  • Greg Eow – MIT
  • Harish Maringanti – University of Utah
  • Holly Mercer – University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Kelly Miller – University of Miami
  • Jenn Riley – McGill University Library | Bibliothèque Université McGill
  • Erin Stalberg – Mount Holyoke College

Past Steering Committee members (These are the many terrific people who have helped “steer” Taiga since 2006)

  • Kristin Antelman
  • Meg Bellinger
  • Diane Bisom
  • Steve Bosch
  • Chris Bourg
  • Beth Picknally Camden
  • Eleanor Cook
  • Susan Currie
  • Brad Eden
  • Katharine Treptow Farrell
  • Ann Frenkel
  • Mike Furlough
  • Scott Garrison
  • M. Dina Giambi
  • Emily Gore
  • Gail Herrera
  • Damon Jaggars
  • Amy Kautzman
  • Janet McCue
  • Robert McDonald
  • Tom Teper
  • Catherine Tierney
  • Marc Truitt
  • Tom Wall
  • Scott Walter
  • Elaine Westbrooks
  • Tom Wilson
  • Roberta Winjum
  • Robert Wolven

Key Taiga Supporters (These Taiga cheerleaders have helped us along the way with logistics and organization)

  • Sandy Hurd
  • Rick Lugg


Mailing list

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